Customer Testimonials

About 18 months ago I purchased a DR650S-2CH camera from company on the North Shore in Auckland. I bought the camera for this companies ‘Trade Me’ site. Everything worked fine, until recently, when I had a problem. I contacted the seller, on the North Shore and did not seem interested and I was told that I needed to send the camera back to the manufacturer and that they would repair it for free. I found the freight costs to the manufacturer where very expensive, so I decided to contact ‘Mike’ at ‘Blackvue NZ’. Mike told me that the camera was out of warranty, so the manufacturer would not repair it for free. I explained to Mike what the problem was, and he asked me a lot of questions about the camera, which he informed me was ‘dis-continue’ from the range some two years prior. He then made a few suggestions, as to how to sort out the problem. I followed these and my problem was fixed. This saved me the unnecessary expense of returning the camera to the manufacturer, and the cost of repair. I would highly recommend Mike at ‘Blackvue NZ’ to anyone who is thinking of buying a camera. He certainly knows his product.


“Mike Fish Blackvue New Zealand, you’re a star! Made an enquiry on a Sunday, answered with in hours. Invoice emailed for the product I wanted on Monday morning. Paid online, proof of payment emailed to Mike that day, goods dispatched. Rural delivery (standard two day by courier) in my mailbox Wednesday. Fantastic service and outstanding advice from Blackvue New Zealand.”


“I’ve just DIY hard wired a Blackvue DR750S-2CH camera sourced from Mike, at Blackvue NZ Ltd, in my SUV. The installation was straightforward, with clear instructions and all the necessary bits promptly supplied. Mikes friendly personalized advice and suggestions were much appreciated. He’s a very helpful and obliging guy. The performance of both cameras is excellent.”


“I am very pleased with my new Blackvue Camera. Mike has been excellent to trade with: very prompt and easy to transact, and has kept me informed regarding availability etc. There are so many products on offer and it’s been great to find a New Zealand site that offers an excellent product and service.”

“My dealings with Mike at Blackvue NZ have been really great, starting with my initial contact inquiry about the best product for my purposes, through to Mike’s excellent after-sales service and guidance. The Blackvue product I purchased, a DR650S – 2CH is a very cool piece of technology and performs flawlessly to meet my needs.”

“I would like to thank Mike from Blackvue NZ Ltd for sorting out a problem that has been pi**ing me off for some time now. I bought a DR650GW-2CH camera from another camera supplier end of March 2015. About a month later the model was updated to a DR650S-2CH with ‘the Cloud’.
I went back to the company that supplied the camera and and the a-hole basically told me “Hard luck mate you will have to buy the new model to get Cloud.”
A couple of weeks ago I contact Blackvue NZ Ltd, in Auckland about my problem, and was told that they could supply a kit to upgrade my camera to ‘Cloud’. Great! I bought the kit and Mike emailed me a video on how to fit the kit which I did myself and it was ‘easy peasy’. I then registered the camera with Blackvue in Korea and it works. Bloody great mate that’s what I call service.”
Burnside, Christchurch

“I bought a second hand Blackvue DR650GW-2CH camera from a mate, but it didn’t have the “Cloud” feature. Mike at Blackvue NZ Ltd was able to supply a special Wi-Fi Cloud Kit.
I am very thankful to Mike for all the assistance he gave me with my camera. I have got ‘Cloud’ connected now and working just as I wanted, which I thought was going to be a lost cause after all the other people marketing these machines in New Zealand didn’t want to know.
Thank You,
South Auckland.

“I have just bought my 3rd DR650S-2CH camera from Mike, this year and as usual received excellent service. The first 1 I had fitted to my own vehicle, a Mercedes. I then decided to add one to my wife’s Toyota corolla. The latest one I had fitted was to my daughters RAV 4.

After a few months I started having problems with my camera telling me that there was something wrong with the SD card in the camera. One call to Mike and the problem was sorted.

I did not read the instructions supplied when I bought the camera about re-configuring the camera and loading the latest firmware.

‘The Cloud’ system works fine and I can not only see live videos streaming from my wife and daughter cameras, but can also talk to them though the camera. I would definitely recommend Mike and his company to my friends.


“Hi guys just a quick note to tell about the Blackvue camera I have fitted to my race car. This is a great bit of kit, and has help immensely with my driving and checking my driving line and speed when racing. Mike came out and help me sort out where to position the camera for best results. A few of my mates have also bought similar cameras from Mike. I have also fitted a similar model to my private ride and am well impressed.

I recommend these cameras and the service I received to anyone thinking of fitting a dash cam.


“With the recent purchase of a new Nissan Pathfinder, we wanted some means of monitoring this vehicle while parked unattended in the various car-parks around town.

After much research on the web including numerous discussion groups and Youtube, we decided that the Blackvue system might suit our requirements. I emailed with a series of questions regarding quality, reliability and installation. To my surprise, Mike Fish from Blackvue replied within the hour answering all my queries, and in fact volunteering much more information including web links for additional info.

Shortly after, we proceeded with the purchase of a DR650GW twin camera system and the PMP (Power Magic Pro). A local auto-electrician fitted it, taking just over 3 hours to do so. Take this cost in to account when purchasing, but also take in to consideration that a small ding on a brand new vehicle will most likely cost you more to repair than this Blackvue system and installation.

Now that we have had our DR650GW installed and fully functional for a few weeks, I will comment that the quality and detail of information available from both cameras is astounding, excellent quality camera video, great sound, accurate GPS mapping and with a bit of fine tuning, reliable incident reporting. For reasonable historical continuity, you will need to replace the 32GB card with a 64GB card.

We are very pleased with our installation but hope never have to use the recorded video in anger.

Roger & Diane

“Hi Mike,

Nice meeting you the other day, and thanks for delivering the camera.

I have installed the DR650S-2CH camera in my vehicle, and am impressed with the results so far. The quality of the video pictures is great, and very easy to play back through on my tablet and pc.

I’m glad I took your advice and wired the Power Magic Pro into the system; the 24/7 recording should give us peace of mind when we go on our South Island trip and have leave the vehicle parked outside motels etc at night.

Thanks for your advice on installing the camera, it was a great help.

I’ll definitely be recommending you and these brilliant cameras to all my mates.


Bill Fountain
Albany, New Zealand.”

“I first saw dashcams videos on youtube where that giant meteor exploded above a town in Russia and thought they were a good idea.

Then, a mate got into an accident that wasn’t his fault and the other party tried to deny any wrongdoing.

So I decided to it might be a good idea to grab a dashcam. I’m a bit geeky and did a load of googling on the options and eventually decided on the Blackvue cams. They seem like the best of the lot.

Cheers for hooking us up.

Avondale, Auckland”

“Hi Mike,

I am a person who works hard to provide a good service in everything I do, and by return I expect the same treatment. In my dealings with Mike at Blackvue NZ I was not disappointed – Mike is great to deal with.

Over the years I have had several dash cams. I have bought in the $200 – $350 range so not “el cheapos” you will understand. All of then came up short on reliability and user friendliness.

I did my research and settled on a Blackvue DR650S-2CH and a Power Magic PRO from Blackvue NZ which I had it professionally installed.

I have full confidence in the unit. I have also found that the various manuals supplied as well as those I obtained on line from the manufacturer are thorough and well written – I can understand them and follow them.

My advice to anyone reading this is to not waste your money with other brands – buy once – get a Blackvue and save frustration and disappointment that other brands are likely to give you


Tauranga, New Zealand.”